A high quality, fertile, peat free, organic rich multi-purpose topsoil, ideal for using in planting and landscaping.

Product overview

Biowise™ Topsoil is a carefully manufactured blend of sandy loam and peat free Soil Improver. Available all year round for a wide range of applications, it is a fertile and organic rich multi-purpose topsoil of consistent high quality and appearance.

Purchase Options: 1m³ bulk bags (1000 litres) or bulk loose.
Coverage: Up to 20m² at a depth of 50mm

Please contact us on 01482 325221 for prices and delivery information or to discuss your needs.

Biowise™ Topsoil delivers the following benefits:

  • A 100% sustainable topsoil blend
  • Consistent high quality and appearance all year round
  • Versatile - suitable for a wide range of applications
  • High in organic matter content - assists in moisture and nutrient retention
  • Excellent visual appearance with minimal stone or weed content
  • Regular independent laboratory testing undertaken to maintain quality
  • Free flowing and easy to handle

Mix of 50% Biowise™ Soil Improver and 50% sandy loam by volume.

Typical properties:
Grade (particle size range) 0-20mm
Bulk density 1000kg/m3
Organic matter 10%m/m of dry matter
pH 7.5
Certification Analysed to BS3882:2007 standards
Physical contaminants Below CLEA Soil Guideline Values for sensitive end users (e.g. domestic gardens)
All values given in the Technical Specification are typical. However, some variation may occur from time to time. Biowise Ltd reserves the right to amend the specification without notice, for the purpose of product improvement.

Giving_Something_Back1.jpgPeat free compost containing recycled materials is a greener, kinder compost.

  • Today, lowland peat bogs and their wildlife are threatened through peat extraction; many species such as dragonflies, butterflies and birds depend on peat for their existence.
  • Peat covers about 3% of the world’s surface, but it contains enormous amounts of carbon; equivalent to that contained in twice the world’s forests combined.
  • Peat develops very slowly; a 10 metre deep peat reserve will have taken 10,000 years to develop. So we can’t replace it quickly or easily.
  • Peat free compost is made from recycled materials which would otherwise have been sent to landfill.
  • It doesn’t cost the earth - we believe that growing responsibly shouldn't need to be expensive.
  • What’s more, you’ll see fantastic results in your garden!
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