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    Wastewise has recently donated approx. 12 tons of PAS100 Compost to the Over Allotments Association, an allotment site in Winsford, Cheshire, located just 8 miles from Wastewise’s depot in Crewe. Our contribution has been warmly received by the association, underscoring Wastewise’s commitment to nurturing local communities and sustainable practices.

    The Over Allotments Association, an integral part of Winsford since 1924, has evolved from a modest plot of land to a vibrant community garden, often celebrated as Winsford’s Secret Garden. It serves as a communal space where residents can engage in growing fresh, organic produce, sharing allotment gardening tips, and fostering a deep connection with nature. Over its nearly a century-long history, it has become a hub for community engagement, hosting numerous events and welcoming hundreds of members passionate about gardening and sustainable living.

    Wastewise’s donation aligns perfectly with the association’s mission to promote organic gardening and community spirit. The PAS100 Compost, a product of rigorous composting standards, will greatly enhance the fertility of the allotment plots, enabling members to cultivate an even richer variety of produce and flowers.

    Wastewise actively supports the communities where it operates, reflecting its commitment to sustainability. By donating to Over Allotments Association, Wastewise promotes environmental care and community collaboration, aiming for a greener future through practical actions.

    The Over Allotments Association, with its rich history and dedication to community and sustainability, represents an ideal partner in this endeavour. Their ongoing efforts to provide a space for communal growth, education, and environmental stewardship are bolstered by Wastewise’s contribution, setting a shining example of how collaboration can lead to meaningful environmental and social benefits.

    For more information about Over Allotments and how to get involved, visit www.overallotments.com.

    If you operate a community garden scheme near one of our areas of operation and are looking for a donation of PAS100 Compost to enhance the fertility of your allotment plots, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.