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    It feels like Christmas has come early at Wastewise! We are thrilled to announce the installation of a brand-new, high-efficiency TSS 390 Shredder at our In-vessel Composting facility in Crewe, just in time for the busy festive season.

    The new TSS 390 shredder is adept at handling a significant tonnage of organic material per hour, providing consistent size reduction that facilitate the composting process. It will be used at the beginning of the process at our Crewe facility, shredding food and garden waste before they are mixed in the reception hall prior to being placed in our enclosed, forced aerated tunnels for between 5 to 10 days to ensure the compost is fully sanitised and pathogen free. Following this process, the compost is then stabilised and matured on an outdoor aerated pad for up to 5 weeks prior to being graded into different end products.

    Importance of a Shredder in Composting

    The use of a shredder in composting is an important stage of the process. It increases the surface area of the food/garden waste, which is vital for microbial activity. The smaller, shredded materials allow microbes to access and decompose the waste more efficiently, significantly speeding up the composting process. This not only results in quicker compost production but also enhances the quality of the compost, making it richer and more nutritious for soil enrichment.

    The TSS 390 Shredder

    The TSS 390 shredder was supplied by Terex Ecotec, an industry leader renowned for their expertise in the design and manufacture of wood processing, biomass, and recycling equipment. Terex Ecotec’s reputation for producing durable, high-quality machinery makes them an ideal partner for Wastewise, as we continually seek the best solutions for sustainable waste management.

    Terex Ecotec’s TSS 390 shredder stands out for its robust design and advanced technology and large volume throughput, ensuring efficient processing of compost material. This shredder is specifically engineered to handle the rigorous demands of our IVC facility, providing unparalleled reliability and performance.

    By integrating the TSS 390 shredder into our operations, we’re not only equipped to handle a wider range of materials, further enhancing our composting capabilities, we’re also reinforcing our commitment to innovative, eco-friendly solutions in waste management.