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    Wastewise Welcomes New Opportunities with Team Expansion

    | BY Ingrid
    Wastewise Team Expansion

    Wastewise is pleased to announce that Mike Ward, Transport Manager, is expanding his role within the company, embracing additional responsibilities as the Business Development Lead. This new chapter in Mike’s career at Wastewise represents a significant step in both his professional growth and the company's evolution.

    Mike’s background is deeply rooted in the transport sector, particularly in the petroleum industry, with roles spanning from driving to transport management. His experience in the banking sector, focusing on transport, construction, and notably, the recycling sector, has provided him with a unique perspective of the industry. This experience has been instrumental in building a strong working relationship with the team at Wastewise, earning him the trust of the Directors, who he acknowledges for showing such excellent leadership and allowing him the opportunity to drive forward as Business Development Lead.

    Mike, who joined Wastewise last year, quickly recognised the importance of diversifying the company's customer base to stay competitive in the dynamic and fast-paced sector. This insight was a driving force behind a broader, long-term strategy aimed at expanding the Transport Division, an ongoing endeavour that Wastewise continues to actively pursue.

    This growth strategy has been further supported by the appointment of Nicola Gill as the Transport Planner. Her role has been instrumental in enabling Mike to shift his attention more towards business development.

    Nicola, who became part of the Wastewise team as Transport Planner in September 2023, has a diverse background that began in a timber import company. Her journey there saw her rise through the ranks to oversee transport coordination. Her career advancement continued as she earned her CPC Transport Manager qualification, a credential that perfectly positioned her to provide valuable support to Mike and the team.

    Nicola’s responsibilities at Wastewise are essential to the smooth operation of the transport division, encompassing job bookings with customers, planning with drivers, and managing vehicle maintenance schedules. She also addresses challenges, such as managing urgent jobs at short notice when there might be limited driver availability, a key factor in enabling Mike to dedicate his efforts towards enhancing Wastewise's business growth and development.

    This synergy between Mike and Nicola, even in the short time they have worked together, has already made a significant impact on the business. Together, they form an impressive team, poised to guide both the transport and business development sectors of Wastewise towards a trajectory of ongoing success and innovative growth.

    Wastewise delivers professional and reliable total waste management services in Hull, East Yorkshire, and North Lincolnshire. We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions, covering everything from segregation and collection to recycling and recovery. With Wastewise, you're not just getting a service, but a partner dedicated to high service levels. To meet your specific needs, we offer a full range of skips, bins, and containers, all collected promptly and reliably at your convenience. For more information or to discuss your waste management needs, feel free to contact Mike, who's always ready to assist.