Food waste collection

Our food waste collection service helps customers reduce their waste costs and prepare for a zero to landfill future.

Food_Waste_Brochure.jpgWith landfill sites rapidly running out of space and 6.7 million tonnes (or a third) of food that we buy destined for the bin, disposing of food waste responsibly has become an environmental priority.

As part of our service, we supply you with the right containers and arrange scheduled or call-off collections to suit your business needs. Food waste is taken to advanced anaerobic digestion facilities where it is processed to generate renewable energy and heat.




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Food waste includes:

  • Industrial food by-product waste – e.g. agricultural, manufacturing and food processing waste.
  • Animal By-Products Regulations (ABPR) Category 3 – e.g. low risk raw meat products from manufacturers and retailers.
  • Out of date food – e.g. unsaleable packaged food from shops, supermarkets and warehouses.
  • Kitchen waste – e.g. vegetable peelings and left over food from restaurants and canteens.


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